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New with lots of questions

PostPosted: Sun Aug 21, 2011 5:01 pm
by tami
Hi- I was diagnosed with generalized lymphedema a couple of weeks ago. I went for my first dct (?) therapy and the therapist mentioned a couple of different diseases and a specific type of the lymphedema.
Does anyone else have generalized le? I have it in my thighs, below knees, under arms (lots of what I call beading), etc.... I am in a great deal of pain and tired. I don't know if this is part of it.

I am also struggling with feeling guilty, did I cause this by lifestyle/weight, etc... ? I'm sure that my life style exacerbated it. I am trying to move past this to a healthier life by using nutrition, exercise, etc.... This is sooooooo tough as they want me to cut out sugar, gluten and wheat, etc...... I am so addicted to carbs! I know that I can do this with support, but initially it is tough to stay away from certain foods. I am going to focus on the goal of feeling good, which will hopefully motivate me to keep trying.

Also wondered if anyone has a suit that they have to wear? They are supposed to measure me for one. Is this something that I have to wear 24/7?

Sorry, to overwhelm, I just have a lot of questions! :)

Thanks for any info, suggestions that you have!