Urgency of leg lymphedema treatment?

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Urgency of leg lymphedema treatment?

Postby Nancy T » Sat Jun 24, 2006 3:33 pm

Hi! A worried mother here with a question.

My 23-year-old daughter has had a very swollen ankle/foot for at least two months and finally went to the doctor earlier this week. Her ankle/foot is now hard to the touch in some areas, at least.

Exam, ultrasound, and bloodwork were normal (so presumably no blood clots or cancer). The doctor told her that if it didn't get better in two weeks, she could get a CAT scan. He apparently said it was probably lymphedema and she would likely have to wrap it, etc.

But I'm wondering--why wait two weeks, when it's been swollen for two months already? It's not an injury (he didn't even order an x-ray). She did sprain that ankle maybe a year or so ago, but apparently it's been OK in the meantime.

My question is: could any significant tissue damage be done in the space of two weeks? Will it hurt anything to just wait, or should I push her to push the doctor to stop dithering, get her diagnosed, and refer her to a specialist for treatment?

Any recommendations for treatment specialists in Portland, Oregon?

Thanks much for any info you can offer.

Nancy T.
Nancy T
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Urgency of leg lymphedema treatment?

Postby patoco » Sat Jun 24, 2006 4:18 pm

Hi Nancy

Super welcome to our family!

If tests have ruled out clots and any related conditions, I would agree what has happened is probably lymphedema. There is a growing number of reports of lymphedema actually being triggered by traumas such as sprain and/or even broken bones.

Frankly though too, I think the doctor should move ahead with the CAT scan instead of waiting for two weeks. Obviously, the doctor doesn't understand that if it hasn't gotten better in two months, it isn't going to get better in two weeks.

I agree with you in why wait for two weeks also. The fac that the tissue is already hard would indicate the need to see a lymphedema therapist. I think an evaluation is totally in order.

BWT, I'm an former Portlander...lived a long time there. Gorwing up in the sixties with hereditary lymphedema I was a guinea pig at the Oregon Health Sciences University - had experimental surgeries there as well as Good Sam.

Here is a link to the Vodder School of Lymphedema Therapy and their cerified therapists in oregon. They have quite a few in the Portland area:

http://www.vodderschool.com/find_a_ther ... A&state=OR

this page lists the therapists from the Klose School that practice in Oregon:

http://www.klosetraining.com/pages/dire ... p?state=OR

Contact a therapist and set up an appointment for an evaluation.

Please...give my very best to your daughter and I look forward to hearing from you again.

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