Blogs on cellulitis, bacterial infections, antibiotics

delayed breast cellulitis, recurrent cellulitis, recurrent erysipelas, soft tissue infections, Dermatolymphangioadenitis (DLA), Flesh Eating Bacteria, Bacterial Infections, Strep Infections, bacterial cellulitis, prophylactic antibiotics

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Blogs on cellulitis, bacterial infections, antibiotics

Postby patoco » Wed Jun 21, 2006 5:29 am


Information resource center for the bacterial infection known as cellulitis. Articles on what cellulitis is, causes, types, treatments and prevention. Cellulitis is NOT related to cellulite, which is fat related. Sponsored by Pat O'Connor and Lymphedema People.


Bacterial Infections

Resource center for information on bacteria, bacterial infections, types of infections, causes, complications, treatments and prevention.



The layperson's guide to antibiotics. What they are, how they work, when they will not work, Extended information and links.
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